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Throwing a party themed around a key Olympic event, and need to find some ideas fast? Use the list below to find the page for your nation (or the opposition), and away you go!

We've only listed here those nations for whom we have pages already built on our sister sites, Throw a Football Party and/or Formula 1 / Grand Prix Parties. I'm afraid if your nation doesn't appear below, we don't have a page of ideas for them (yet!).

Like watching sport with your mates? Then throw an Olympics party!

Enjoy having a few friends round to watch the Olympics together? Ever think it might be fun to make a bit more of a party of it? You've come to the right place!

The whole aim of this site is to give you some ideas and resources to help you throw an Olympics party with your friends. Yes, you could just turn the TV on and hope somebody remembers to bring a few lagers with them. Somewhere at the back of the cupboard there's a packet of cheese and onion crisps you haven't eaten yet, right? OR, you could go to town a bit, and for very little money turn the whole thing into a party that everyone will remember.

It doesn't take a lot of effort to decorate the room in the colours of the nation you're cheering for. There are countless sources of flags, bunting, scarves, shirts and other ways to decorate your room (or yourself!) available, and we'll try to link you up with some of them. Or take it a step further, and find some wine or beer from the nations involved. One thing we've got loads of on this site is recipes from around the world, so whether you're a budding chef or a bit of a novice in the kitchen, there should be something here that will give your Olympics party some culinary pizazz!

This site is an "off shoot" of the successful Sporting Parties web site, so many of the ideas will be similar. In fact many of the links will open on pages from the other site where they are useful or appropriate - there seemed very little point in filling up the web with duplicate pages that simply have a different logo on! Of course, there's nothing to stop you using the ideas on this site for a party that's not strictly Olympics or sport-related. But if you are having a few mates round to watch the Olympics, why not make the most of the occasion?!

And if you have any ideas to add to this site, please get in touch!

Throwing an Olympics Party? Plan ahead!

OK, the Olympics only comes round once every four years, so in theory we all have plenty of time to plan the perfect party, but somehow life never works out quite like that! A little advance planning will help create a party to remember.
Here are some of the things to think about:

  • As the games get nearer, we will provide links to the official Olympic events schedule, so you can plan those party dates around specific events!
  • Once you've got the date in your diary, check out our party planning guide to make sure you get everything sorted out in time
  • Themed Recipes for different nations - theme your food to match the countries that are taking part! We have some great menu suggestions below!
  • If you're theming the food, you may as well theme the drinks as well! We've started building a database of drinks ideas from around the world
  • Nibbles - it's not a party without nibbles!
  • Flags & Decorations - deck the room out in the colours of the teams!
Although many of these pages are specifically about the Olympics, there are plenty of useful ideas there for an Olympics party.

Click here for the official Rio 2016 Olymics site.

Themed Ideas For Olympics Parties

Greek Party

As the birthplace of the Olympics, Greece offers plenty of ideas for an Olympics themed party.


Deck out the room in the Greek national colours of white and blue, with plenty of Greek flags and bunting.


Grilled Halloumi Cheese
Classic Greek Salad

Multi-National Party

This results in a really bright, colourful party with loads of interesting food and drink!

The idea is that each person picks a country from around the world (you could use countries of the British Commonwealth, or one country from each continent, or countries with yellow on their national flag, or whatever other theme works for you), and then brings a flag, some bunting or other decoration from that nation, and prepares a dish from their chosen country.


This will obviously be dependent on the countries you choose, but you'll find links to flags, bunting and other decorations from around the world here.


Again, this will depend on the nations you choose, but click here for our list of recipes from around the world.

To Drink

Have a search at DrinkSupermarket.com; they have a pretty good selection of wines and other drinks from around the world.

Five Olympic Rings

Another way to get a brightly coloured party with lots of interesting food!

The idea is that each person or family picks one of the colours of the Olympic Rings (red, yellow, black, blue and green). They then have to bring a decoration and a dish that is linked with that colour. Or the host can provide the decorations, and the guests bring a dish and a drink themed to the colour (be prepared for plenty of Blue Nun wine!).


This will obviously be dependent on the colour you choose, but you'll find links to flags, bunting and other decorations from around the world here.


Again, this will depend on the colour you choose, but click here for our list of recipes from around the world.
Other ideas maight be chicken in black bean sauce, Thai green curry, something with red snapper in, etc.

To Drink

Blue Nun, Red Wine, obvious. Portuguese "Green" wine (it's not really green), Johnnie Walker Black Label , Black Sheep Ale ...

Korean Party

With the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea rapidly approaching, throwing a Korean party might be something worth considering.

To create an authentic Korean party atmosphere, have some Traditional Music from Korea playing in the background.


For bunting, flags, balloons and more Korean Party Decorations Ideas, visit our Asian Flags & Decorations Page


While the main staples eaten are rice and noodles, pulses - especially soybeans, mung beans and azuki beans - remain extremely popular, and are used in many different ways. The main sources of protein are chicken and pork (but beef - which is highly valued - and dog meat are also eaten). As the Korean peninsula is almost surrounded by water, fish and seafood are very popular, and can be either grilled or eaten in soups and stews. Koreans eat a very wide selection of different vegetables, many of which are not well known in the west; popular vegetables include potato, sweet potato, cabbage, spinach, courgettes, mushrooms, cucumber, garlic, chillies, various types of seaweed, and lotus root.

Try some of these recipes as a main course for your Korean Party:

To Drink

Alcohol is popular in Korea, but few of the drinks are familiar to us in the west. Beer is not a native drink, and although there are now a few breweries it is still not as popular as the traditional Korean drinks. Korean wine is not "true wine", in the sense that it is usually made by adding fruit to already fermented alcohol. The most common forms would therefore be a rice "wine", to which cherries, grapes, raspberries or plums are added for flavouring before it is sold.

By far the most popular alcoholic drink in Korea is Soju , made from a combination of fermented rice and grain. Usually about 20 percent alcohol by volume, although sometimes as much as 40 percent, it is a clear spirit, sometimes compared to vodka. It can be drunk on its own, or with mixers or in cocktails. Many popular international cocktails can be adapted to incorporate Soju.

Another popular drink in Korea - this time non-alcoholic - is Korean Ginger Tea. It is served chilled as a refreshing summer drink, or hot in winter months.

Alpine Winter Party

Regardless of where the actual sporting events are taking place, an "Alpine" themed party will always feel appropriate for the Winter Olympics. The ideas below are therefore a mix of mainly Swiss, Austrian and Slovenian suggestions for a wintery Alpine fest!


Deck out the room in the national flags of Austria, Slovenia and Switzerland.


Fondue - loads of fondue recipes on our Switzerland page
Slovenian Mushroom Soup
Austrian Potato Soup
Austrian Wiener Schnitzel
Gröstl - Tirol-Style Fry-Up
Coffee and

To Drink

Viennese Hot Chocolate
Swiss or Austrian wine or beer
Schnapps (or fruit brandy)


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